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A Treepoint Christmas

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Choosing to return to Treepoint during the Christmas season, Megan Smith knew the small town in Kentucky like the back of her hand. While the town might be full of Christmas spirit and joy to the world, none of it would be extended to her. They may consider her a “bad penny,” but Megan isn’t going to let that prevent her from staying nor fulfilling the promises she made to herself. What she didn’t take into consideration was Cole.

Visiting friends in the area, he shows the spirit of Christmas in every smile, the joy of living with every glint in his eyes, and his “Fa-la-la” is nothing to sneeze at, either. Cole may be hotter than a hot toddy, but Megan hasn’t come back to Treepoint to find someone to snuggle up with in front of a fireplace, build snowmen with, or find the true meaning of Christmas.

Yet that is exactly what she gets. Together, Cole and the town show her that not all of what you see is real, and only by giving of herself will she have the power to let go of the past.

A Treepoint Christmas

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