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The Last Rider's have spawned several spin off series, making most of her series and books intertwine.
While each book is a standalone, I recommend to read in the book order below to receive the full experience.


1. Razer's Ride (The Last Riders) 
2. Viper's Run (The Last Riders) 
3. Knox's Stand (The Last Riders) 
4. Sex Piston (Biker Bitches) 
5. Teased (The VIP Room) 
6. Tainted (The VIP Room) 
7. Shade's Fall (The Last Riders) 
8. King (The VIP Room)
9. Cash's Fight (The Last Riders)
10. Fat Louise (Biker Bitches)

11. Riot (Predators MC) 

12. Shade (The Last Riders)

13. Stand Off (Predators MC)
14. Lucky's Choice (The Last Riders)
15. Keeping What's His (Porter Brothers Trilogy)
16. Merry Blissmas (Biker Bitches)
17. Hostage (Predators MC)
18. Winter's Touch (The Last Riders)
19. Train's Clash (The Last Riders, Biker Bitches)

20. Standing His Ground (Porter Brother's Trilogy)

21. Crazy B!tch (Biker Bitches)

22. Rider's Revenge (The Last Riders)

23.Stalked (Predators MC)

24. Claiming the Enemy (Porter Brothers Trilogy)

25. T.A. (Biker Bitches)

26. Dangerous Love (Anthology)

27. Gavin's Song (Road to Salvation)

28. Ho Ho Hennessy

29. Reapers Wrath  (Road to Salvation)

30. Reapers Salvation (Road to Salvation)

31. Desmond in 'Dark Ties'

32. Jewell (Biker Bitches)

33. Firewalker (The Colemans' Legacy)

34. Desired by Doom (The Last Riders,

Ohio Chapter)



1. Razer's Ride

2. Viper's Run

3. Knox's Stand

4. Shade's Fall

5. Cash's Fight

6. Shade

7. Lucky's Choice

8. Winter's Touch

9. Train's Clash

10. Rider's Revenge


1. Sex Piston

2. Fat Louise

3. Merry Blissmas

4. Train's Clash

5. Crazy B!tch

6. T.A.

7. Jewell


1. Keeping What's His

2. Standing His Ground

3. Claiming the Enemy


1. Riot

2. Stand Off

3. Hostage

4. Stalked


1. Soul of a Man

2. Soul of a Woman

3. Soul of a Demon


1. Teased 

2. Tainted

3. King


1. Gavin's Song

2. Reaper's Wrath

3. Reaper's Salvation



1. Firewalker


1. Desired by Doom


Treepoint, KY is the fictional town created by Jamie Begley, where her series, The Last Riders and spinoffs are set and where the main characters live. Its exact location is unknown but it is probably close to the Virginia border according to the text of Razer’s Ride. The town itself seems to be a small, rural, tight-knit, religious community that is very wary of outsiders. It is stated throughout many of the books that most of the town attends the local unnamed Baptist church that was once led by Beth Moore and Lily Hunter’s father, Saul Cornett; and everyone in the town seems to know one another, at least in passing.

 Click to see map of Treepoint 

Map of Treepoint, KY



Motorcycle club, The Last Riders were founded an unknown number of years before the start of the series by Loker James (Viper) and his brother, Gavin Stolmes in Ohio. The original members, including Loker James and Gavin Stolmes, were former Navy SEALS who served together and developed a strong bond, coming together after their military service was over to form the club. Each member has a pseudonym that they go by at the club and to other motorcycle clubs. It is unknown if they acquired these names during their military service or upon joining the club. Currently, Viper is the leader of the Last Riders.


Viper, Gavin Stolmes, Razer, Rider, Knox, Train, Lucky, Shade, Cash.


It should be noted that most of the original members are each individually wealthy, with numerous holdings, patents, and land in their names. Knox Bates and his wife Diamond, for example, own their own private island.


Nickel, Natasha (Raci), Beth Moore, Lily Hunter, Jewell, Evie, Diamond Bates, Bliss, Dawn.


Membership is open to both men and women, with different rules in place as to how one becomes a part of the club.

Men pledge to the club and must fight and hold their own with four members of the club.

Women wishing to join have to earn “votes” from six of the remaining eight original members through sex.

However, this has changed as the series progressed and many of the original members have entered committed relationships/marriages. Now women must earn a “mark” or vote through some other way other than sex, to become a member of the Last Riders. It is also customary for women to get a tattoo with the date they earned their last vote.


The Last Riders currently own a company in Treepoint where they make emergency boxes, for natural disasters, doomsday preppers, etc. The clubhouse that is home to many of the members is located on the same property as the warehouse where the emergency boxes are created, and was originally designed to be a bed and breakfast for the owners of the company. The property was bought by Gavin Stolmes a few years before the events of Razer’s Ride, with the disappearance of Gavin Stolmes and missing two million dollars becoming a subject of gossip among the residents of Treepoint. Eventually, it was discovered that fellow Last Rider, Memphis, under orders from Vincent Bedford, one of Gavin’s investors, had murdered Gavin and buried his body behind the clubhouse of a rival motorcycle club. The factory becomes active during the events of Knox’s Stand, and employs many people in Treepoint.


Throughout the course of the series, The Last Riders have developed allies with other motorcycle clubs in their area.

The Destructors, the Blue Horsemen, and the Predators.



Name: Loker James

Born: Tree Point, Kentucky

Age: Unknown

Marital status: Married 

Gender: Male

Hair color: Unknown (described as dark, reaching to shoulders)

Eye color: Dark (presumably brown)

Height: Unknown

Family members: Winter James (wife), 

Ton James (father), Gavin Stolmes 

(brother), Aisha James (daughter)

Occupation: Leader of The Last Riders, 

Former Navy SEAL


Education: Unknown


Loyalty: The Last Riders, Winter James, 

US Navy


Debut: First appeared in Razer’s Ride


Name: Reid Moore (neé Cornett)

Born: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Marital status: Engaged

(as of Razer’s Ride), 

Married (as of Viper’s Run)

Gender: Male

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye color: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Family members: Beth (wife), 

Lily Hunter (sister-in-law), Shade aka John Hunter (brother-in-law), 

Chance (son), Noah (son)

Saul Cornett (father-in-law)

Occupation: Former Navy SEAL, 

Chemical Engineer

Education: Presumably Master's degree, although this is not stated.

Loyalty: The Last Riders, Beth, US NAVY

Debut: First appeared in Razer’s Ride


Name: John Hunter

Born: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Marital status: Married

(as of Shade’s Fall)


Gender: Male


Hair color: Unspecified

(either brown or black)


Eye color: Blue


Height: Unknown


Family members: Beth Moore

(sister-in-law), Sheriff Hunter (father), 

Unnamed Mother, Lily Hunter (wife), 

Razer (brother-in-law), 

King (father-in-law), John Hunter (son), 

Chance (nephew), Noah (nephew), 

Penni (half sister)


Occupation: Former Navy SEAL and sniper, Manager of The Last Riders factory


Education: Unknown​

Loyalty: The Last Riders, Lily Hunter, US Navy


Debut: First appeared in Razer’s Ride


Name: Knox Bates

Born: Unknown


Age: Unknown


Marital status: Married 

Gender: Male

Hair color: Bald


Eye color: Brown

Height: Unknown

Family members: Diamond Bates (wife), Unnamed Father, Unnamed Mother, Dena (first wife), Sex Piston (sister-in-law), Stud (brother-in-law), Sizzle (mother-in-law), Skulls (father-in-law)

Occupation: Sheriff of Treepoint, Former Navy SEAL


Education: Unknown


Loyalty: The Last Riders, Diamond Bates, US Navy


Debut: First appeared in Razer’s Ride


Name: Train Medina

Born: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Marital status: Married 

Gender: Male

Hair color: Black


Eye color: Brown

Height: Unknown

Family members: Rae Medina (wife, alive), Peyton Stokes (mother-in-law, alive), Unnamed Father (deceased), Nalin Medina (mother, deceased), Lenna Medina (sister, deceased), Ela Medina (sister, deceased), Captain Timothy Cooper Jr. (brother-in-law, alive), Marilyn Cooper-Smythe (sister-in-law, alive), Ela (daughter, alive), Bina (daughter, alive), Clash (son, alive)

Occupation: Helicopter Pilot, Mechanical Engineer,

Former Navy SEAL


Education: Presumably Master's degree, although this is not stated.


Loyalty: The Last Riders, Rae Medina, 

US Navy


Debut: First appeared in Razer’s Ride


Name: Lucky David Dean

Born: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Marital status: Married 

Gender: Male

Hair color: Mahogany/Chestnut Brown


Eye color: Hazel

Height: Unknown

Family members: Willa (wife, alive), Unnamed Mother (unknown), Unnamed Father (unknown), Becky (daughter, alive), Kale (son, alive), Hunter (son, alive)

Occupation: Preacher at Treepoint Church.


Education: Unknown


Loyalty: The Last Riders, Willa, US Navy


Debut: First appeared in Razer’s Ride


Name: Cash Adams

Born: Treepoint, KY

Age: Unknown

Marital status: Married 

Gender: Male

Hair color: Dark Blonde


Eye color: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Family members: Rachel (wife, alive), Greer Porter (brother-in-law), Tate Porter (brother-in-law), Dustin Porter (brother-in-law), Logan Porter (nephew), Mags (grandmother)

Occupation: Lieutenant of The Last Riders, Former Navy SEAL

Education: Unknown


Loyalty: The Last Riders, Rachel, US Navy


Debut: First appeared in Razer’s Ride

Beth Moore 

Name: Beth Moore (neé Cornett)

Born: Treepoint, KY

Age: 24 (As of Razer's Ride)

Marital status: Married (As of Viper's Run)

Gender: Female

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Height: 5'

Family members: Lily Hunter (sister), Saul Cornett (father), Unnamed Mother, Razer (husband), Shade (brother-in-law), John Hunter (nephew), Noah Moore (son), Chance Moore (son)

Occupation: Assistant to multiple members of the community

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, Master’s Degree in Business with Minor in Accounting


Loyalty: The Last Riders, Lily Cornett, Razer

Debut: First appeared in Razer’s Ride

Lily Hunter 

Name: Lily Hunter (neé Cornett)

Birth Name: Callie

Born: Queen City, TX

Raised in Treepoint, KY

Age: 23 (As of Shade's Fall)

Marital status: Married (As of Shade's Fall)

Gender: Female

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Purple

Height: Unknown

Family members: Beth Moore (sister), Saul Cornett (father), Unnamed Mother, Shade (husband), Razer (brother-in-law), King (biological father), Evie (stepmother), Brenda (biological mother), John Hunter (son), Ariel (aunt), Chance (nephew), Noah (nephew), Penni (sister-in-law)

Occupation: Manager of the Church store

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

Loyalty: The Last Riders, Beth Moore, Shade

Debut: First appeared in Razer’s Ride


Name: Evie

Born: Atlanta, GA

Age: Unknown

Marital status: Married

Gender: Female

Hair color: Brunette

Eye color: Amber Brown. Described as whiskey colored

Height: Unknown

Family members: King (husband, alive), Lily Hunter (step-daughter, alive), Shade (step-son-in-law, alive), John Hunter (step-grandson, alive), Brooke Patterson (fraternal twin sister, alive), Merrick Patterson (brother-in-law, alive), Unnamed Niece (alive), Unnamed Mother (alive), Unnamed Father (deceased, presumably since she received an inheritance)

Occupation: Nurse Practitioner

Education: Unknown. Presumably Master's

Loyalty: The Last Riders, King

Debut: First appeared in Razer’s Ride

Diamond Bates 

Name: Diamond Bates (neé Richards)

Born: Jamestown

Age: Unknown

Marital status: Married


Gender: Female

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Hazel

Height: 5'9"

Family members: Knox Bates (husband), Sex Piston (sister), Stud (brother-in-law), Sizzle (mother), Skulls (father)

Occupation: Attorney

Education: Unknown. Presumably a Master's Degree


Loyalty: The Last Riders, Knox Bates

Debut: First appeared in Viper's Run

Bliss Hall 

Name: Bliss Hall

Born: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Marital status: Married


Gender: Female

Hair color: Blonde, short in most novels, grows it out at the end of Merry Blissmas

Eye color: Blue

Height: Unknown. Described as short

Family members: Drake Hall (husband, alive), Darcy Hall (adopted daughter, alive), Jace Hall (stepson, alive), Cal Harris (adopted stepson, alive), Unnamed Mother (deceased), Unnamed Brother (deceased), Unnamed Brother (deceased)


Occupation: Unknown

Education: Did not graduate High School

Loyalty: The Last Riders, Drake

Debut: First appeared in Razer's Ride

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