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Dark Ties


Dark ties cannot be broken when you’ve sold your soul for money over the ones you love…

For the first time, USA Today bestselling mother & daughter writing duo, Jamie Begley & Sarah Brianne, have collaborated to give you Dark Ties. An interweaved duet that holds two sexy stories with the hottest of billionaire alphas. 

Desmond Beck and Dante Caruso know the cost their infinite wealth gained when they spilled innocent blood. Desmond lost a love that never was while Dante lost a wife he cherished. Each man ruthlessly vows to never let another woman into their dark lives again. When two women become entangled in their deadly web, they’re forced to unravel the dark ties that keeps them chained to the past. The question remains: Will the lure of money and power win again?

Each character in this brand-new dark and delicious duet lives in their previously written worlds, so you’ll be reconnected with your favorite crime lord characters and get to meet some exciting new ones along the way.

Dark Ties

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