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Moon's Promise (The Last Riders, #11)

A promise is meant to be kept…

And once Moon makes a promise, there is no going back. 

Moon liked to think of himself as an easy-going dude where women were concerned. However, from the moment he'd met Larissa, his life had been turned upside down. She had half the brothers ready to kick his ass. And if that wasn’t enough, she pretended the night they had spent together only existed in his mind. The woman could give Shade lessons on manipulation--she was that good … until he found out Larissa had run to hide the existence of his child. 

But running wasn’t her only mistake. She had underestimated him...

How much he would want his child.

The lengths he would go to find her.

And the promise he would keep to pay her back for all her lies because he never ever forgot a promise.

(episodic with author notes)

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