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Thank You!!

I hope everyone enjoyed Greer’s story. Thank you all for the great reviews! I keep telling you all that I have the best fans in the world, and I truly believe that from the bottom of my heart. I wish there was a way for me to show you how deep my appreciation goes in person, instead I will take every effort to show you with my writing.

Standing His Ground was meant to be a heartwarming story that I hope touched you in some way even if only for a small moment. You want to know something funny? When I finished Greer’s book, I went to bed loving it, when I woke up the next morning I hated it. If I had more time I probably would have literally thrown it away. It took me a couple of days to love it again, which is why I said I had a love/hate relationship with Greer. Lisa from Tasty Book Tours also talked me down from doing it. Lol. I came to the conclusion that Greer represented some of the men I used to know from southeastern Kentucky. Some of the men from there can be the biggest assholes in the world. If you don’t believe that I have a couple of brothers, cousins, and friends that I can introduce you to. If anything, I was being kind :). Greer is bragging to me that he made USA Today, as if he did all the work. I’m letting him take the credit, because as much of a jackass he is, he kinda deserves it.

Now that I have finished Greer I am currently working on the third book of the Dark Soul’s series. This might not be most popular series but it was the first book I wrote and it’s near and dear to my heart. From the email rants I have been getting, several of you are tired of waiting for it and want it like yesterday. The reason why I haven’t finished that series yet is not because I don’t want to, but because I intended it to coincide with other books that span different generations. The first generation which took place in the past and I have already finished, but it started back when I couldn’t afford a laptop, and most of it was when my mother was in the hospital (she hated to be alone), and I would stay with her and write to pass the time. I must find a way to get those two stories transferred from longhand to the computer. It’s a daunting task since anyone that has seen my handwriting knows that they have their work cut out for them. To concentrate on those stories would mean I would have to slow down on other books that everyone is waiting for like Rider, another Biker Bitch, and another Predator. See my dilemma? And before anyone tries to me, I haven’t forgotten about Ginny. I’m trying to get to her too, but I can only type so fast! Lol.

I know you all are busy, but I want to thank you all again for being so great!


Jamie Begley

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